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Blago Nearly Hits Rock Bottom



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    Blagojevich told crowds over the weekend that he was going to sing them a song because they couldn't vote against him anymore.

    Getting lampooned by Second City is one thing, Blago, but when the Daily Show launches a recurring segment based on your foibles, well, then, you know you’ve become comedy gold.

    "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" launched a segment Wednesday called: Rod Blagojevich’s Quest for Rock Bottom.

    “If there’s anything more humiliating than going on a D-List reality show,” Stewart said referring to Blagojevich’s proposed appearance on NBC’s ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here.’ “It’s being legally prevented from going on a D-List reality show.”
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    “Apparently, being prohibited from eating bugs on an island with Lou Diamond Phillips isn’t even the halfway point in Blagojevich’s quest for the bottom because this weekend he did this …”
    And then they cut to video of good ‘ol Blago singing Elvis tunes.
    Watch the whole clip for more Blago gems. Or watch the Daily Show on September 24 when Blago visits live in person.