New Jersey

NY Man Parked in Police Lot Busted for Drug Possession

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A man waiting in a New Jersey police department parking lot to sell a motorcycle was arrested for drug possession over the weekend, authorities said.

Middletown Police said Arturo Munoz drove from New York on Saturday to sell the bike to a New Jersey man. Since the buyer planned to pay in cash, Munoz told police the two parties planned to meet at the police parking lot for safety.

Munoz was waiting in the parking lot of the Middletown Police Department when a patrol officer approached him. Officer Flannigan struck up a conversation, learning the aforementioned details of the sale when the officer smelled marijuana.

Police said in their release Monday that the patrol officer seized "50 grams or less" from Munoz's vehicle and placed him under arrested. He was ticketed and released a short time later.

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