Oh Deer! New Jersey State Police Trooper Saves Drowning Buck From Swimming Pool

NJ State Police/Twitter

What to Know

  • A New Jersey State trooper saved a buck from drowning Friday afternoon
  • The buck wandered into a Harmony Township home and was found drowning in the swimming pool
  • The trooper pulled the buck out of the pool by the rack before it ran off into the wild

A Harmony Township buck hung on for deer life as a New Jersey State Trooper pulled him to safety Friday afternoon.

Trooper Dwayne Phillips was dispatched to a Warren County home when a worker discovered a deer drowning in a swimming pool.

According to New Jersey State police, the buck had been struggling for some time by the time Phillips arrived at the home. He grabbed the buck by its rack and pulled the deer to safety. 

After spending some time resting on the ground, the buck eventually recovered and ran off.

"There is always the possibility of serious injury when trying to rescue a drowning victim, and even more so when the victim is a wild animal," the New Jersey State Police wrote in a Facebook post. "But this trooper did an outstanding job! Great job troop! #Attaboy"

This the second incident this week where a deer bumbled into human territory. Earlier this week, a deer was caught on video tromping wildly through a Bergen County high school.

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