YouTube Video Nets Producer $30 Million

Unknown producer rides viral video on YouTube to the bank

Can you see this as the next big Hollywood script?

An unknown producer from Uruguay decides he wants to make a video and put it on YouTube for the world to see. He spends $300 to shoot his short film and waits the 10 minutes for it to upload. He heads home for the weekend and by the time he checks his email on Monday, it is totally full. More importantly, it is packed with offers from big-time Hollywood studios fighting over the rights to his little project.

This script just might be will never play out in Hollywood because it is too realistic for Hollywood.

This is the story of Fede Alvarez, an unknown producer who just signed a monstrous contract with Sam "Spiderman" Raimi's Ghost House Pictures for $30 million.

What is he going to do for all that money? He is going to create a feature-length version of his viral YouTube picture; "Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack!)"

The four-minute short will remain online while Alvarez starts from scratch and attempts to wow you again, this time in a theater.

Alvarez spent a year working on the short, using a combination of live action (which he says cost just $300 to film) and special effects. He used seven different programs to create the stunning effects, which show giant robots destroying Alvarez's hometown city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Check out the short below and then start uploading your videos to YouTube. Your "Cat Singing Christmas Carols While Throwing Snowballs at the Neighbor's Dog" could be just the thing to earn you some extra dough.

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