Panhandling for Jobs

Two college grads go car to car looking for work

Drivers crossing into Philadelphia via the Ben Franklin Bridge are used to seeing a few less-than-fortunate people asking for a little compassion and a few bucks when they hit the intersection at 8th and Vine.

So when two guys in suits show up pitching for jobs, they get noticed.

Complete with cardboard signs around their necks and resumes in hand, recent college grads Sean Christman and Andrew O'Malley made their case to thousands.

"I've tried every angle, just applying online, cold calls, just walking into businesses and there's not much out there," said Christman, a LaSalle grad looking for a job in finance. "You just got to just stand out from everybody else."

Well they're surely standing out, but what have people been saying about the unique selling strategy?

"Different things -- from obscene gestures to I love what you guys are doing and good luck," said O'Malley, who made it onto the Rutgers University dean's list for five semesters.

The duo admits they didn't come up with the idea on their own -- a friend of Christman's uncle did the same exact shtick in the same exact place 20 yeas ago and landed a job, so they figured, why not.

Sean's looking to "advance his career aspirations with a challenging, full-time position" in finance and management.

Andrew's hoping to utilize his business management skills "in a stable corporation" offering growth in "both personal and business endeavors."

"I hope [people] think we're bold and courageous," said O'Malley. We certainly do.

If you'd like to give the guys a shot, drop either Sean or Andrew an email.

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