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Young Boy Gets Comfy in Oval Office During Medal of Freedom Ceremony

"This kid is just doing what we all feel. So tired of 2020"

Former wrestler Dan Gable speaks before being presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom award from U.S. President Donald Trump, right, during a ceremony in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Monday, Dec. 7, 2020.
Doug Mills/The New York Times/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sometimes you just need to lie down, OK?!

Apparently, that's how Dan Gable's grandson felt on Monday as President Donald Trump presented Gable with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The award is the nation's highest civilian honor. Gable's grandson did not seem overly concerned about that minor detail, taking a moment to lie down on the rug as his grandfather accepted the accolades.

In a now-viral tweet, New York Times photographer Doug Mills captured the moment, prompting some hilarious responses from parents around the country.

"Great shot! Based on the dad's expression, you can almost hear the gritted teeth whisper ‘get up!’" Carly Gillis replied.

"Perhaps demonstrating wrestling move," journalist @markknoller responded.

"This kid is just doing what we all feel. So tired of 2020," @DesireeMarie1 said.

Gable is a renowned wrestler and coach from Iowa who won a gold medal at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

“He’s the greatest wrestler, probably ever,” Trump said at the ceremony on Monday. “He’s made our country very proud and he’s a true GOAT.”

After his athletic career was over, Gable went on to coach at the University of Iowa, where his teams won 15 NCAA titles.

“No one has done more to promote wrestling in America than Dan Gable,” Trump said during his comments.

Gable's grandson is hardly the first child to act up at an inopportune moment in front of the president.

In 2015, a then-2-year-old girl had a meltdown in front of President Barack Obama at a Passover Seder. In 2014, the son of a Secret Service agent was photographed face-planting on a couch in the Oval Office out of what we can only assume was toddler boredom.

Gable's grandson isn't the only child to grace the carpet of the White House in recent years, though. Ivanka Trump's youngest son, Theodore, learned to crawl in 2017 in the same hallowed halls.

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