Years of Playing Xbox Saves Immigrant From Deportation

Hours of playing video games in a Wisconsin basement reportedly saved a man from being deported.

José Muñoz, a 25-year-old living in Milwaukee was brought to America from Mexico City when he was only 1 on his family's visitor's visa, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. After graduating from a local high school with honors in 2005, he fell into depression playing video games with his cousin to pass time since he could not legally obtain a job, according to online gaming journal, Kotaku.

After Obama adopted a new policy allowing young immigrants to temporarily remain in the U.S. and work, Muñoz applied for the program. He had trouble proving that he had lived in the country continuously since 2007 until attorney Davorin Ordcic had a realization: his client's Xbox Live account could be the solution.

Including his address and account information, the record featured proof of downloaded demos and games as well as communication with other users dating back to 2007 as required. After two months of waiting, Muñoz learned that he could remain in the country. Muñoz now has steady employment -- working seven days a week at a factory and a restaurant.

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