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Woman In 90-Square-Foot Apartment Evicted

How one woman who lived in a 90-square-foot apartment for five years found her new palace.

Remember the woman who was living in the 90-square-foot microstudio on the Upper West Side in Manhattan? Writer Felice Cohen had made the tiny apartment her home for five years, using a plug-in hot pot as her kitchen, resorting to tall furniture as opposed to wide, and slanting her knees when using the commode. (Yes, there was space for a commode!)
Her rent? $700 a month. Considering that most studios are more than $2,000 a month, that's a palatable price. 
Felice recently moved into a larger home, but not because she gave into claustrophobia, reports Laughing Squid. Her landlord discovered she wasn't on the lease and threatened her with eviction if she didn't agree to pay double the rent. So, now she's living in a (relatively speaking) mansion of her own--a 500-square-foot apartment, still on the Upper West Side, with a large kitchen and separate bedroom. 
Felice is now writing a book about living large in a small space.
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