Will Work For Ellen

The talk show host wants you to hire these Miami bf's

Could Ellen DeGeneres do for the unemployed what Oprah does for authors?

If 23-year-old Anna-Kay Ford-Driver (seriously) and 25-year-old Rafie Viard find themselves employed soon, the daytime talk show host might find her inbox flooded with resumes.

The bubbly best friends first appeared on Ellen earlier this month, during which DeGeneres presented them with a Golddigger Cash Machine (one of those game show boxes that blows money around inside that people try to catch and stuff down their shirt) as part of the Ellen's Big Stimulus Package series.

DeGeneres loved them so much she made a plea to anyone in the Miami area to hire Ford-Driver and Viard, then invited them to cover the orange carpet at the Kids' Choice Awards, where the best friends interviewed such pre-pubescent celebs as the Jonas Brothers, Zach Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale.

"It was the best time of our lives; it was a dream come true," Viard said breathlessly.

Of course, the bigger dream come true would be if DeGeneres actually lands them jobs.

We think the "Ellen's Booty Shakers" has a nice ring to it.


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