Will Forte: “30 Rock” Finale's Secret Weapon

"30 Rock" is going to explode into tiny bits in the season finale Thursday night and "McGuire" star Will Forte is the secret weapon.

Forte's hilarious (and very, very disturbing) appearance as Jenna's (Jane Krakowski) cross-dressing boyfriend/impersonator will take a final mysterious turn in the final episode. We cannot wait.

All that NBC folks are saying is that Forte's character will suddenly have a "desire for another woman (which) threatens to ruin their relationship." This is bad news in any relationship. But when you cross-dress impersonate your loved ones, breaksups get all the harder (and very, very disturbing).

"30 Rock" sensation Elizabeth Banks was very secretive about Forte's appearance but very amused during a conference call this week.

"Will Forte looks so amazing on the season finale I cannot wait for people to see what he’s dressed as," Banks said. "I took about eight photos of myself with him because I'm just so excited to have evidence that I was there when he was dressed that way."

We could speculate about who his cross-dressing crush moves onto next. But instead let's focus on the other bits of greatness which will be sorted on the final episode. Elizabeth Banks and Julianne Moore meeting up in their quest for Alec Baldwin. And Matt Damon deliriously entering the fray dressed in a pilot suit.

We'll get to the couch early for this one.

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