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What Does $500 Million Buy? Luxury Splurges for a Powerball Winner

The Powerball jackpot swelled to an estimated $564 million by the time of Wednesday's drawing, a super-sized pot that will be split among the holders of winning tickets in North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Texas.

The more than half-billion dollar jackpot, the third-highest Powerball prize in U.S. history, was upped from $485 million ahead of Wednesday's drawing due to the high volume of ticket sales. As of Wednesday afternoon the pot was worth $500 million. 

Winners from Wednesday's Powerball drawing will divide up $381,138,450.16 before taxes should they each take a lump sum payment, The Associated Press reported.

While winning the money may not buy happiness, such a large cushion of cash can grant you access to some of the world's most luxurious experiences and items. Here's a look at what $500 million would get you.

100 Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters, with extra money left over to tip valet.

27 private helicopters like the ones used by Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Each Eurocopter brand chopper piloted by the fictional multi-multi billionaire at the center of the story costs about $3,950,000.

91,911,765 cronuts from Dominique Ansel Bakery, where flaky treats cost around $5.44.

76,923 wedding dresses from Vera Wang. The top designer's creations set brides back at least $5,000 per gown.

71,429 wells to serve a communities in Africa through Water Wells for Africa, which estimates that each well, which serves 2,000 people, costs $7,000 on average. 

4,000 private island lots like the ones offered on Fiji's Mavuva Island. Each lot on the remote island starts at $125,000 each.

If you didn't want to spend it all at once, you could use some of your earnings for these luxury experiences and goods recommend by VIP concierge services for the rich and famous.

  • Attend the highly anticipated potential fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in May for $25,000, with floor seats, private travel, red carpet access, penthouse accommodations. The Black Door Experience package comes with VIP access to all of Las Vegas, including a private celebrity chef dinner, company Founder and President Rachel McIntyre.
  • $72 million gets you a flight with the Russian space team to the International Space Station, where you can go outside the space station and space walk like you're George Clooney in the movie "Gravity." No one has yet taken The Bluefish concierge service up on the offer, CEO and Founder Steve Sims said.
  • For $900,000, be the star of your own James Bond film for the weekend. You can create a plot line and have hired actors play the villains and kidnap you. Let your imagination run wild as  your moves are choreographed and filmed with actors, spanning locations like the Bahamas, Monte Carlo and Russia, Sims said.
  • In the mood for Italian? For $500,000, The Bluefish will send you to Florence to eat dinner for six at the feet of Michelangelo’s David for three nights, with special access to a non-public gallery and residence in the personal home of a world famous designer in Tuscany.
  • Dive down to see the Titanic with scientists. There won’t be any Wi-Fi, but for $60,000, you’ll get to eat with crews from Russia and France as they measure how the pressure and lack of light affect the Titanic’s preservation. The trip, coordinated by Bluefish, will last two hours, and you’ll see a lot of wildlife and ocean life that you’ve never seen before.
  • $50,000 gets you and your friend VIP access to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, with backstage passes, a trip to the after party accompanied by two models and accommodations for one night, said Sims. 
  • It won't even set you back seven figures to sit in the millionaire seats at Churchill Downs. For $400,000, a family of four can snag Millionaire's Row seats at the Kentucky Derby and private airfare to and from the race, courtesy of Goviva. You'll even have money left over to bet.
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