“We're Just Down to the Bare Bones”

More school budget cuts could be on the table

The California Teachers Association is waiting for word on how the state budget will impact education. Lawmakers in Sacramento say a balanced budget is imminent and there are more cuts to education --- possibly $3 billion more.

"Of course we're very concerned, " said CTA board member Jim Groth. "We've always said the budget can't be solved with cuts alone, the legislature has to look at additional revenue."

Education, including college, has been cut $16 billion in 18 months, including $11.6 billion for this fiscal year. Another possible $3 billion would hurt.

"We're just down to the bare bones, " Groth said. "There isn't a whole lot left to be cut."

There is a "little bit of light in the sky," as Groth called it.  It looks like the Governor will not suspend Proposition 98, which guarantees a certain level of funding for education.

"We never know what's going to happen in Sacramento," Groth said. "But we're very happy Proposition 98 will remain intact for this budget session."


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