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Wells Fargo Pulls Florida Voucher Donations Over Anti-Gay School Policies

Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bank said they will stop donating millions to the program after a news investigation found many of the schools have anti-LGBTQ policies

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Two of the largest banks in the U.S. say they will stop donating millions of dollars to Florida's private school voucher program after a newspaper investigation found that some of the program's beneficiaries discriminate against LGBTQ students, NBC News and CNBC reported.

In a statement to NBC News and CNBC on Wednesday evening, Wells Fargo confirmed that it would no longer participate.

"We have reviewed this matter carefully and have decided to no longer support Step Up for Students," the San Francisco-based bank said of the voucher program. "All of us at Wells Fargo highly value diversity and inclusion, and we oppose discrimination of any kind."

Emails seeking comment from the state Education Department did not get immediate responses Wednesday evening.

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