“New Moon” Exclusive: Director Says “I Lied” About Deleted DVD Scenes

It's not every day that director Chris Weitz has a retraction. But on the eve of the DVD release "New Moon"-- he has a whopper.

The eagerly awaited edition of "New Moon" hitting stores tomorrow will not feature deleted scenes as he had discussed before.

"I'm basically a big, fat liar," he tells PopcornBiz. "I put it out there that there are deleted scenes, but I just realized there aren't. It was an honest mistake."

"I don't want to get Twilight fans banging down my door demanding deleted scenes."

He only found out late in the game that Summit Entertainment is going to parse out the extra goodies slowly on DVDs. Right now the main interest for people is owning the DVD, so there aren't the full boat of goodies (though it does feature of making-of documentary and commentary from Weitz).

In the next DVD release they'll add the deleted scenes. "Shall we be honest, it's marketing," he says.

So more bang for the buck? "I think that's the case, but you said it, not me."

Weitz says he's most excited about seeing the deleted scene featuring Rachelle Lefevre that ended up on the cutting room floor. It's more than just the fact that "New Moon" was Lefevre's last movie in the series. It's just an awesome scene that was cut for flow reasons.

"She's on her way to Forks, just generally being a bad ass and killing the passenger of a very fast car," he says. "I'll feel good when people see that."

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