Weekend Watch List: Let's Get Busey

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and practice tap dancing. LET’S GO!

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE – 9:00PM Sunday (NBC) The Donald has amassed his usual group of has-beens and losers for this latest installment of the reality show: David Cassidy, Star Jones, Mark McGrath, Dionne Warwick, and so on and so forth. But he’s also pulled an ace out of the deck, and that ace goes by the name of BUSEY. Oh yes. It’s Gary Busey. The man who makes Charlie Sheen look like George Will. You really never know when Busey will snap and start biting into people’s limbs and noses. Matter of time, really. So no matter how badly Busey does in these challenges (and he will do badly), don’t expect the Donald to fire him until he’s at least down to the final 5. You’d be a fool to throw away a goldmine like Busey so quickly. ANTICIPATION: BUSEY!

TAKING ON TYSON – 10:00PM Sunday (Animal Planet) Moving on with crazy people, Mike Tyson got himself a reality show, but it’s not the usual “follow me around because my life is krayzee!” type shows. This Animal Planet show focuses on Tyson’s hobby of racing pigeons. It’s not for show, either. Tyson is a well-documented pigeon lover. That kinda came out wrong, but you know what I mean. Expect to see a softer side of Tyson, the side that doesn’t assault motorists with a golf club. ANTICIPATION: TYSON!

AMERICA’S NEXT GREAT RESTAURANT – 8:00PM Sunday (NBC) NBC’s latest reality competition has good pedigree (it was created by the people behind “Project Runway” and “Top Chef”) and a fairly solid premise: a group of aspiring restaurateurs compete to have their proposed restaurant chain turned into a reality. On hand are Bobby Flay and the dude who founded Chipotle. Ah, Chipotle. Where you stand in line for 25 minutes for a 4,000-calorie burrito. It’s the ultimate success story. Anyway, I hope the winning chain turns out to be a Korean taco joint. Ever had a Korean taco? INSANE. ANTICIPATION: FOODIE!

SECRET MILLIONAIRE – 8:00PM Sunday (ABC) ABC’s answer to “Undercover Boss” is this new reality show featuring really rich people who are kind and wonderful enough to go undercover and help out poor people (they’re cute because they have no money!) and give back to people in need. You see, America? Trickle down economics works! ANTICIPATION: PEDANTIC!

NAACP IMAGE AWARDS – 8:00PM Tonight (FOX) Tyler Perry is nominated for 19 awards tonight. You sure that’s the image you want out there? ANTICIPATION: PERRY!

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