Weekend Watch List: HBO Assumes The Throne

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and finish doing your taxes. You did do your taxes, didn’t you? Don’t tell me you forgot. Don’t tell me you’re scrambling at this very moment to sloppily fill out your Federal forms and ensure that you barely get anything resembling a refund. That would be tragic. Hilarious, but tragic. LET’S GO!

GAME OF THRONES – 9:00PM Sunday (HBO) After going big with “Boardwalk Empire” in the fall, HBO is back with another extremely lavish and expensive new series. And this one is a fantasy series based on the novels by George R.R. (Railroad?) Martin. It’s gonna be just like “The Lord of the Rings,” only with lots of sex and incest and stuff. Neat! Reviews are already coming in, and they are predictably glowing. And it has Sean Bean. I feel like Sean Bean deserves some kind of fan club or web meme. He’s just so delightfully evil in every movie he’s in. He was evil in “Ronin.” He was fairly evil in “Rings.” And he was way evil in “Patriot Games.” If you want evil, you go Sean Bean. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – 8:00PM Tonight (NBC) FNL’s final season already began airing on DirecTV a while back, but tonight the last hurrah for Coach Taylor and co. starts all over again on network TV. I feel awful for not watching this show more often. I always like it when I watch it, and yet I’ve never sat down and whizzed through an entire season, and there’s NO good explanation for it. None. I’m one of people who could have helped save this show and kept it going for another year, but I failed. And for that, I’m real sorry. Mostly because I think Connie Britton is way hot. ANTICIPATION: CALL ME, CONNIE!

AMERICAN RESTORATION – 10:00PM Tonight (History Channel) The guys from “Pawn Stars” have a new show where they restore old antiquities back into working shape. They were the ones responsible for the whole Betty White renaissance. ANTICIPATION: FIXER UPPER!

BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE – 9:00PM Sunday (USA) Fanboy favorite Bruce Campbell gets his own “Burn Notice” spinoff TV movie, in which he dazzles you for two hours with that glorious chin. It’s like Leno’s chin, only with more street cred. ANTICIPATION: CAMPBELL!

TV LAND AWARDS 2011 – 9:00PM Sunday (TVLand) TV Land spends an evening honoring old shows that no one watches anymore. Including reunions of the folks from “The Cosby Show,” “The Facts of Life,” and “Welcome Back, Kotter.” And imagine having a job where, twenty years after you’ve been laid off, people still give you awards and stuff. Now you know why 85% of Americans want to be actors. ANTICIPATION: TOOTIE!

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