Wednesday Watch List: Royally Royal Royal Specials!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and cram for your Psychology exam. Did you start studying yet? What does that say about your personal shortcomings? What was your relationship with your father like? LET’S GO!

INSIDE THE ROYAL WEDDING – 8:00PM (NBC) Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira host this primetime look at preparations for the Royal Wedding. Lauer and Vieira on TV at NIGHT? That’s gonna really confuse me. I’m gonna see them on the screen and go scarf down cereal bars and start brewing coffee, just out of sheer instinct. Anyway, the hosts will take a look at Kate’s dress choices, along with the cake and how the guest list was assembled. And I bet putting together that guest list was a real joy for the bride and groom. “Oh Wills, the duchess of Landfordchestershire and her 57 cousins need to also be on the list. Just remove all your best friends.” ANTICIPATION: ROYAL!

EXTREME ROYAL COLLECTIONS – 10:00PM (TLC) More Royal Wedding lunacy over at TLC, with this hourlong special profiling people who collect lots and lots of royal merchandise. Oh look! A tuft of Princess Diana’s hair! That’s not creepy at all! Aw, and would you look at that? It’s the Queen’s Polident box. Priceless both in value and memories. ANTICIPATION: WAY ROYAL!

AMERICAN IDOL – 8:00PM (FOX) There are six contestants left, and tonight they’re going to be subjected to the cruelest theme night of all: CAROLE KING NIGHT. Because what young singer under 25 hasn’t wanted to spend an hour covering old Carole King songs? Come on, “Idol.” Carole King? These kids are near the finals. Give them a chance to shine with new songs, for crying out loud. ANTICIPATION: KING THEM!

SOUTH PARK – 10:00PM (Comedy Central) The season premiere. And if you saw “The Book of Mormon,” you know that these men may never run out of comedic momentum. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

THE COLBERT REPORT – 11:30PM (Comedy Central) Ice-T is your guest star. And at some point, someone will have to take T to task for Body Count. Not their violent lyrics, mind you. Just the music itself, which was incredibly bad. ANTICIPATION: NIGHTMARE WALKIN’, PSYCHOPATH TALKIN’!

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