Watch Sean Penn Quietly Mumble His Way Through “This Must Be the Place” Trailer

We're still not sure what to make of this film...

"This Must Be the Place" stars Sean Penn as an aging rock star inspired by the death of his father to go on the hunt for a Nazi war criminal. Directed and co-written by Paolo Sorrentinio, the film also stars Frances McDormand, Judd Hirsch and Eve "Bono's Kid" Hewson.

Penn's low-volume mumbling is tough to decipher, but there's some real pathos and wit in there, and he pushes his Robert Smith-inspired look to the hilt.

Another trailer leaked its way on line a few weeks ago, and it didn't look nearly this good, and the reviews out of Cannes were not good, but we're gonna watch it because it just looks so damn weird.

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