“The Walking Dead” Season 5 Premiere: Biggest and Most Ridiculous Reactions

Apparently, "The Walking Dead" was on AMC on Sunday. It was hard to tell, since we were very busy hiding behind the couch with our eyes shut and our fingers in our ears while we sang a little ditty about sunshine and flowers and other not-scary things, but not even our beautiful singing could totally drown out the gross slimy zombie sounds emanating from our television. Somehow things ended on a happy note, but there were definitely some moments we had very strong reactions to.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

- Barely two minutes into the first episode of season 5 and Rick gets his face stomped on. Great, if great is short for "guess I'm going to be closing my eyes a lot for an hour."

- We moved on from face-stomping to guys hitting other guys with baseball bats before slitting their throats. At least we think that's what happened. We definitely were not looking.

- Carol covered herself in walker guts to disguise herself from the walkers. Duh. Why have they not all been doing this since the very beginning if it lets them walk around unnoticed? If it's because it's totally disgusting, we kind of understand.

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- Gut-covered Carol got into a fight with Terminus Mary in a chapel full of candles and we were way more concerned about the candles than anything else.

- A Terminus guy threatened to snap Judith's neck and we were about to jump into the screen and snap his neck, until we got distracted by Judith's immaculate little baby sweater. How did it stay so clean? (We absolutely would have been dead on day 1 of this zombie outbreak.)

- When Tyreese opened that door back up after defeating the walkers, we actually clapped a little. We thought about chanting his name as he pummeled Terminus guy to death, but we decided that might be a little much.

- That hug between Daryl and Carol perfectly encompasses what we want out of most of our relationships in life.

- They got out of Terminus! Rick and Carl were reunited with Judith! What are these? Happy tears? During "The Walking Dead"? Where are we?

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"Walking Dead" fans bombarded Twitter to show their appreciation of the first episode of the new season:

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