WATCH: Dr. Phil Gives Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama Couples Therapy on “The Tonight Show”

The two world leaders tried to repair their issues with communication in a segment on Fallon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama sought Dr. Phil McGraw's guidance to fix their relationship on Thursday's "Tonight Show."

Jimmy Fallon reprised his role as Putin and appeared alongside Obama impersonator Dion Flynn to settle issues between the two world leaders on "Dr. Phil," beginning with their communication.

“Look, I am the one who’s always reaching out. You know. I call and he doesn’t pick up. I send a text and three days later I get a text back that says 'sorry I just got this',” Obama said. "B**** you know I am spying on you! I know you read it three days ago.”

“You are smothering me. I get about twenty text messages from this guy. It’s like I am a teenage girl and he’s James Franco," Putin said, joking about the actor's recent controversy.

Dr. Phil asked if Putin had been ignoring Obama's calls.

"Well, look I've been wrapped up in 'Game of Thrones,'" Putin said.

"The TV show?" Dr. Phil asked.

"No, my life," Putin said.

Then, Putin made a joke about Obama's signature healthcare law.

"Now you see that's the problem right there," Obama said. "Dr. Phil he keeps putting up walls and I try and try but just I can't get through."

"You mean like Obamacare website?" Putin quipped.

Dr. Phil gave the duo one of his trademark Dr. Philisms.

"Hey, You can't build a bridge with two hammers," Dr. Phil said.

Eventually, Dr. Phil was able to make the two connect and ended the segment with a group hug.

Watch the hilarious skit above.

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