Sinking Ships, Exploding Buildings: Dems Celebrate Health Bill Failure

Democrats urge GOP to work with them on improvements to Obamacare

Democrats took to Twitter on Friday to mock the failure of the GOP's health care bill, usings GIFs of sinking ships and exploding buildings to mark the failure of the American Health Care Act, the Republican health care plan. 

Tim Ryan, a Democratic representative from Ohio, tweeted a GIF of what appears to be the Titanic breaking in two. He added no commentary. 

The House Democrats were more explicit, tweeting a GIF of an empty multi-story building collapsing, with the text: "The House Republican #TrumpCare health bill." 

Other Democrats were more serious even as they celebrated the failure of what Republicans hoped would be President Trump's first legislative victory. Instead the Republicans' substitute for the much maligned Obamacare was pulled from consideration by Speaker Paul Ryan with Trump's agreement after it was clear that Republicans did not have the votes to pass it.

Trump, who earlier had been insisting on a vote, told the Washington Post's Robert Costa that he did not blame Ryan for the bill's defeat. Trump insisted that Democrats were to blame, according to The New York Times.

Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat, tweeted "Art of the Squeal" in reply, playing off of Trump's book, "Art of the Deal."

Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania asked House Republicans to end their "obsession with repeal, & work in a bipartisan way to keep what's working and fix what isn't?"

New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney taunted Trump and Ryan in his tweet, telling them, "We're not tired of winning yet. Ready when you are to talk real solutions to fix ACA for American people."

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called the defeat of the "disastrous Trump-Ryan health care bill" a major victory for working families and everyone who stood in opposition.

Finally the spokesman for former President Barack Obama, Kevin Lewis, tweeted out a 2010 photograph of Obama in a fighting stance on the day that the Affordable Care Act passed Congress.

The link to the Instagram account of Obama's former photographer, Pete Souza, was titled, "The Obama White House."

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