Donald Trump

Progress Report: How Far Along Is Trump's Border Wall?

President Donald Trump is four months into his term, so NBC News took a look at the progress he's made on his signature promise: building a wall on the 1,900-mile-long United States' southern border.

Construction doesn't seem to have begun, despite Trump issuing an order on his fifth day in office for Customs and Border Patrol to do so with cash on hand.

The estimated cost of building a concrete wall ranges from $1 million to $21.6 million per mile, but ProPublica reported that CBP only had $20 million on hand. CBP did not respond to inquiries about new construction, but there are no signs of any activity.

Trump also promised Mexico would fund the construction, and now says the money will come eventually, as Mexico denies it will pay for it. And the wall may end up looking more like a very tall fence, according to a statement from the director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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