Tracy Morgan Delivers Public Apology

Tracy Morgan returned to Nashville in no mood to make jokes.

Three weeks after he performed a stand-up show in the Tennessee city during which he claimed he'd "pull out a knife and stab" his son if his son were gay, the embattled comedian returned to offer a public apology.

Morgan was joined by Kevin Rogers, an audience member who called out Morgan via Facebook immediately after the show.

"The sad thing is that none of this rant was a joke," Rogers wrote on his page. "His entire demeanor changed during that portion of the night. He was truly filled with some hate towards us."

Today, however, Morgan's demeanor was markedly different. Solemn and reserved, he expressed his remorse.

"I don't have a hateful bone in my body," Morgan said during the press conference. "I don't believe anyone should be bullied or made to feel bad about who they are."

He then admitted that the firestorm has given him "the opportunity to change my message onstage."

Rogers and Morgan embraced following Morgan's statements, but the comedian did not take any questions from reporters.

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