‘Toy Story' Turns 20: What the Pop Culture Looked Like Two Decades Ago

It's been 20 years?!

Sunday marked the anniversary of "Toy Story's" release, which hit theaters on November 22, 1995.

After freaking out about how old that makes us feel, and how excited we are for the the fourth installment of the film's franchise, we're left wondering... what were we up to when that movie came out?

So here's a little pop culture time capsule to refresh our memories.

This is what else was on our minds when Toy Story was first released two decades ago today.

1. "E.R." was the top show on television.

2. Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" was Billboard's Number One song.

3. Bill Clinton was president.

4. We were learning the ins and outs of Microsoft's Windows 95, which was released in August.

5. David Letterman was still on late-night TV. This was the year Drew Barrymore infamously flashed him on his birthday.

6. So much of what we knew about social issues we learned from TLC's song "Waterfalls."

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7. It was a time when the Batman we knew was Val Kilmer, thanks to the summer release of "Batman Forever." (Oh, and we couldn't get Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" out of our heads.)

8. We had just finished following the first season of MTV's "Road Rules." The debut season aired July through October. 

9. The Macarena was the dance craze sweeping the nation.

10. People were sipping on Starbucks' Frappuccinos, which had just made their debut. There were only two flavors: Coffee and Mocha. (Simpler times!)

11. Everyone was talking like a total valley girl, thanks to the summer release of "Clueless."

12. We all gave up bacon, for like a week, after seeing "Babe" at the movie theater.

13. We knew Chris Hardwick and Jenny McCarthy as hosts of MTV's game show "Singled Out."

14. Our parents wouldn't stop slow dancing to Bryan Adams' "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?"

15. People learned that you can find love (and other stuff) online, with the launch of Match.com.

16. We were still enjoying our favorite comic, "Calvin and Hobbes," which saw its final strip published later that year.

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