Tony Hawk's Friend “OK” With Skater Dating HIs Wife

Bizarre love triangle takes another strange turn

Matt Goodman, who has been friends with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk since childhood and who was even a groomsman at Hawk's weddings, has watched the 42 year-old skater divorce his wife of five years and begin a relationship with Goodman's estranged wife, Cathy.

So how does he feel about it? 

"I know people will think it is strange but I'm totally cool with it," Goodman told RadarOnline

Hawk divorced his wife of five years, Lhotse Merriam, this past February. The couple have a 3 year-old daughter.

Goodman suggests the relationship between his ex and Hawk began more than half a year ago.

"I had split up with Cathy over a year ago and she started dating Tony about seven months ago," Goodman says.

Rumors persist that the relationship between Hawk and Goodman led directly to Hawk's divorce. Page Six repeats a story about Merriam discovering a plane ticket Hawk had purchased for Goodman, which caused her to ask for a divorce. That story has so far not been confirmed by any of the parties involved.

Following their divorce, Merriam and Hawk issued the following statement: 

"We remain deeply committed and loving parents to our daughter, and out of respect for that responsibility we ask that people honor our family's privacy during this important time of transition."

Despite the tangled web, Matt Goodman remains optimistic.

"Life can be strange but I bear no grudges and just want to move on with my life now."

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