Tom Hiddleston Gives a Brief Masterclass on UK Accents

“Speaking in any accent is all about the tune,” Hiddleston explains

Actor Tom Hiddleston is known for his celebrity impressions.

The impersonations are so good that the actor often receives requests during interviews and appearances. From Owen Wilson and Chris Hemsworth to Christopher Walken and even Al Pacino, his range of accents and dialects is very impressive.

While getting ready for a recent GQ photo shoot in London, the British actor gave a brief masterclass in the accents of the United Kingdom.

“Speaking in any accent is all about the tune,” Hiddleston explains.

The “Thor” star says an American accent tends to follow the same pattern, while if you’re from Ireland, “you tend to go up in pitch when you stress something and then you go down in the end.”

In Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh, Hiddleston explains in the local accent, “it’s quite soft but generally if you want to stress something you go up in pitch and then go down."

Asked by the stylist how to order coffee in a British accent “without them thinking I’m American,” Hiddleston suggests she “camp it up a bit.”

“Morning darling. What I really want, if you can help me out, is I’d like a nice cup of tea, and a pain au chocolat,” he says.

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The stylist, in awe, admits that she doesn’t actually drink coffee. And though Hiddleston is disappointed by her disclosure, he appears pleased with her attire selection for him.

“I like this suit very much, who made it?” Hiddleston asks.

“Louis Vuitton,” she responds.

“I wonder if he could do accents. Probably not,” he says.

Born in Westminster, London, Hiddleston studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and went on to work on many stage, TV and film projects before getting his big break with Marvel's “Thor” in which he played Loki.

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