Holo-Deck of Baseball Cards Brings 3-D to Your Palm

Getty Images

LOS ANGELES -- They look like normal baseball cards -- until pitcher Tim Lincecum or slugger Ryan Howard start strutting across your computer desk.

When Topps' 3D Live cards are held in front of a webcam, an avatar of the player pops up and begins pitching, hitting or fielding.

"This is the ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ version of a baseball card that will get kids to buy more, " Steve Grimes, chief digital officer at Topps, told the New York Times. "We see this baseball season as a redefining moment for us,"

The "augemented reality" baseball cards place an image of the player on the computer screen. The on-screen player can be moved around to make the player on the card perform motions.

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