Thursday Watch List: Dane Cook Vs. Louie

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and wash the cotton candy out of your overalls. LET’S GO!

LOUIE – 10:30PM (FX) Comedian Dane Cook has long been criticized for allegedly stealing bits from other comedians, most notably Louis CK (Cook denies he ever stole any jokes from anyone). And lo and behold, look who shows up as a guest star on Louie's show this evening: Dane Cook! Man, that's gonna be weird. I mean, I know this show is already weird, what with the spanking and the racist aunts and all, but THIS! This is like distilled awkwardness. ANTICIPATION: UNCOMFORTABLE!

SHARK CITY – 9:00PM (Discovery) More Shark Week goings on, with this special featuring Andy Samberg (your Shark Week host) and a bunch of sharks in the Bahamas that Samberg and some folks follow around. Andy Samberg seems like a nice guy, and I laugh at his stuff, but I'm still gonna hold out hope that Jaws takes a little nibble. ANTICIPATION: BLOODY!

PROJECT RUNWAY – 9:00PM (Lifetime) Last week we got to know all the new contestants, including that one girl who allegedly can't sew and looks like the lead singer of King's X. Plus we met Bert, the adorable old dude who used to be a fashion designer, then became an alcoholic, and now is trying to get his life back. And he won! Very nice. Then there was that one girl who complained about not winning, and clearly I'm supposed to hate her, so now I do. Tonight, the designers have to make a dress out of items at a pet store. Expect the word "Gagaesque" to get tossed around. ANTICIPATION: DOG FOOD SUIT!

MLB ALL STAR ROAD TRIP ADVENTURE – 9:00PM (ESPN) Two NYFD firefighters take a six-week tour of every major league ballpark in this ESPN special. And I really wouldn't want to be the first fire victim rescued by these two upon their return to duty. No way they make it up a flight of stairs after six weeks of ballpark sausages. ANTICIPATION: OUT OF SHAPE!

SCARFACE – 8:00PM (AMC) Say hello to my little... yeah yeah yeah. ANTICIPATION: COCAINE!

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