This Week's New Movies: Are You Gonna “Drive Angry” Or Take a “Hall Pass”?

The Farrelly Brothers and Nic Cage swing into action during an otherwise slow week that also features a French film about a love triangle, and another about monks.

Hall Pass
Owen Wilson and Jason Sudekis are a couple guys whose wives, played by Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate, grant them a week off from the bonds of matrimony in the latest film from the Farrelly Brothers. In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer

Drive Angry
(in 3D)
Nic Cage is a man who escapes from hell to seek vengeance on the Satanists who killed his daughter, and he's got Amber Heard riding shotgun. In theaters everywhere, watch the trailer

Grace Card
A white Memphis cop who blames minorities for the problems plaguing his life is partnered with a black cop and part-time pastor in this Christian film starring Lou Gossett Jr. In limited release, watch the trailer

This French film from writer-director Xavier Dolan focuses on a love triangle that develops between three friends. This never ends well. In limited release, watch the trailer

Of Gods and Men
Another French film, this one based on the true story of a group of Trappist monks in the early '90s who were living in a small village in the hills of Algeria when Muslim extremists began to make their presence felt, forcing the men to abandon their mission or risk death. In limited release, watch the trailer

Public Speaking
(on Wed.)
A documentary from director Martin Scorsese about iconic New Yorker/raconteur/writer Fran Lebowitz. In limited release, watch the trailer

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