Blog Exposes “Worst Rooms” In New York City

A writer is searching for decent, affordable housing in New York City with his blog THE WORST ROOM. The posts are evidence that in The Big Apple, it's hard to find both.

Among the many people frustrated with finding an apartment to rent in New York City is a guy named Ryan, who decided to get out his frustrations with a new Tumblr, THE WORST ROOM, which explores the most ugly, depressing rooms he can find in his search for a home.
Ryan captures photos and write-ups of tiny, awkward, sunless, ugly spaces he's found on Craigslist. As he searches for decent, affordable housing, he's finding that in New York, it's hard to find both.
Ryan moved here from Kentucky writes Business Insider, and has been ping-ponging between friends' apartments since. That was five years ago and he's still looking.
Maybe the blog will get him a step closer. Or perhaps, it will discourage him from continuing his search. Some of these places are pitiful.
Good luck, Ryan. You need it. Because I must say, if these are the pickings, it isn't looking good.
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