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“The Watcher” Stalker Spooks NJ Family Away from “Dream Home”

"The Watcher" Sends Cryptic Letters to Westfield Family

A New Jersey couple’s dream house quickly turned to a nightmare after a stalker’s letters forced them to desert their $1.3 million Westfield home.

Just three days after they bought the house last June, the family received a letter from a man known as “The Watcher,” who claimed his family owns the property and has been watching the home for nearly a century, according to

“Why are you here?” the letter read. “I will find out.”

The letter also asked, "Do you need to fill the house with the young blood I requested?"

A second letter reportedly arrived two weeks later and then a third, a month after that one.

“Have they found what is in the walls yet?” one letter asked. Another asked “who has the bedrooms facing the street? I’ll know as soon as you move in.”

The family never moved into the home and is now trying to sell the property, but the suspicious "Watcher" is scaring away potential buyers.

A stalker was certainly not what the family expected when they moved to Westfield. The township was ranked 30th on Neighborhood Scout’s list of Safest Cities in America when they bought the home in 2014 and currently ranks 24th.

“Our police department conducted an exhaustive investigation based on the factual circumstances and evidence available,” Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky said at a Town Council meeting Tuesday night.

The couple believes the previous owners received a letter from “The Watcher” shortly before they sold the house and have sued, claiming that the previous owners withheld information that would have potentially hurt the home’s value or possibly eliminate the sale altogether. 

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