“The Simpsons Guy”: The Best / Weirdest Moments from the Epic Crossover

Here are some of our favorite moments from the hour-long event!

It was the night animation fans have been waiting for - "The Family Guy" / "Simpsons" crossover episode!

We have to say, that episode had everything - donuts, saxophones, dogs pretending to be other dogs, dogs pretending to be people, people pretending to be Jack Nicholson, fat men washing stolen cars in short shorts, and babies kidnapping children. It was pretty epic, and we were not disappointed. We might have been weirded out and made to feel a little uncomfortable, but we were definitely not disappointed.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the hour-long event!

Brian vs. Santa's Little Helper: Brian was positively disgusted by SLH's perfectly dog-like behavior, and had to pretend to imitate an actual dog after he ran off. Needless to say, Brian is very bad at pretending to be an actual dog.

Meg found something she's good at! Lisa made it her mission to boost her new friend's self esteem, until she discovered that Meg happens to be very talented at...the saxophone!

Bart tried to teach Stewie to make prank calls. It really did not go well.

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When things got really meta: It was discovered that "Pawtucket Brewery" was just stealing "Duff Beer" and repackaging it as something new. This led to a court case overseen by Fred Flinstone, and to appearances from almost all of the well-known characters of both Springfield and Quahog.

The Stolen Car Wash: Peter and Homer tried to find Peter's stolen car by hosting a car wash for stolen cars. It involved crop tops and short shorts, and we may never be able to wash the image out of our minds.

One of the most epic TV fights ever: Peter vs. Homer, starting in the Simpsons' front yard and ending in the Sprinfield Gorge. Emmys were used as weapons. There was a spaceship involved. It was seven minutes long, and it was nuts.

So what did you think of the episode? Was it everything you ever dreamed it could be? Let us know in the comments!

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