Real Estate Concerns Leads To a Rise In Prenups

According to a recent survey of 1,600 members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more couples are getting prenuptial agreements, reports the Wall Street Journal. This is primarily because couples are waiting until they have more money to their names before getting hitched. The asset people are most concerned about preserving? It's real estate. 
About 80 percent of respondents say the protection of separate property is most commonly covered in prenups. 
"Often someone owns a house before getting together with their partner. They want to make sure the house remains theirs," says Emily Doskow, an attorney in Oakland, California.
Without a prenup, the fate of what you own is left up to your state's laws. With a prenup, you can make the decision regardless of what your state law says. Prenups can even dictate property that a couple hasn't owned yet. It allows you to agree that anything you buy and put in your name is yours. 
Despite the rise, prenuptial agreements are still rare—only three percent of engaged or married people have one. But if you're hoping to protect your real estate, it might be something to consider.
Read the full story on the Wall Street Journal.
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