The New “Charlie St. Cloud” Trailer Has No Silver Lining

A few thought's while watching the trailer for "Charlie St. Cloud":

  • Zac Efron needs to grow a beard, if he can (speaking as someone more than 15 years his senior who can't). He's a good looking kid, but at 23 and with all those damn "High School Musical" movies floating in the ether, when you see him in a bar, you think, 'Does he have a fake ID?'
  • Took a look at the book's Wikipedia page and if the movie is even 80% true to the book, this could be the most treacly, emotionally manipulative film in the medium's history. Good lord...
  • With the so-called Curse of the Bambino behind us, the absolute worst thing about being a Red Sox fan is the depiction of Red Sox fandom in books and films. It used to be a point of pride that men like John Updike wrote odes to the likes of Ted Williams, but this is just embarrassing.
  • It's unfortunate that the one black guy in the trailer is biggest jerk in the trailer. I don't think for a moment that there was any intent there, but don't they have people who look out for this stuff?
  • What happened to Donal Logue's career? How is it that he's been reduced to playing a guy named Tink Weatherbee in a movie like this?

Obviously, we're not Efron's target demo, but still, this looks rough.

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