“The Hangover” Pounds Its Way to Historical On-Demand Success

Yet another accolade for Todd Phillips' instant Vegas classic, "The Hangover."

An industry survey found that it is the most popular on-demand film in the delivery system's history. Shockingly, the film took the title just ahead of "Twilight" and its rabid fan base

Chalk it up to the outrageous premise, the adorable sunglass-wearing baby, or maybe even the film re-emergence of Mike Tyson in the best cameo of 2009. Or maybe it's the fact that truly hung over people across America just wanted to see others share their throbbing head pain on Saturday morning.

The results are taken from more than 14 million homes and definitely favor new films -- since the on-demand numbers drop off dramatically once the movie's DVD is released.

Hopefully they can keep the laughs and the accolades coming in the much-awaited sequel.

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