Our Guide to the Best Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes of 2011


Halloween is here and you're scrambling for a costume that is A) Easy, B) Fun C) is not a sexy version of an otherwise mundane profession and D) Shows everyone you went to see a lot of movies this year. It's OK, we've got you covered. Read on for some fast, last-minute suggestions.

Go as Gosling:

2011 has been the Year of Ryan Gosling. While you could easily tape half of George Clooney's face to yours and walk around talking about politics all night, what we'd love to see (and what Gosling has told us would be a dream come true) is for legions to take to the streets dressed as his character from "Drive," preferably carrying a boom box blasting Nicolas Winding Refn's superb soundtrack.

What you need: A cream satin jacket with a scorpion embossed on the back, driving gloves, a hammer, and a steely expression. Feel free to lose the scorpion if needed.

What to say if people don't get it: Nothing.

The Bridesmaids from "Bridesmaids" (Group Costume):

Holy whoa, you actually can wear that dress again! Plus, if you get sloppy by the end of the night, you can always tell people you're reenacting the food poisoning scene.

What you need: Whatever taffeta monstrosity your friend made you strap on for her wedding, a bouquet and friends who are willing to look silly with you.

What to say if people don't get it: Start singing Wilson Phillips "Hold On" or ask them if they're "not" an air marshal.

Pregnant Bella from "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1":

Anyone can play a vampire, but can you play the mother of vampire spawn? With Twi-hards coming to grips with the impending but protracted finale to the "Twilight" saga (Part 1 lands in theaters in November, Part 2 in November 2012), you finally have the chance to step out as Wedding Bella, Honeymoon Bella or, our favorite, Pregnant-but-this-baby-is-killing-me Bella.

What you need: a tank top, jean shorts, and heavy duty balloon attached to a hand pump that allows you to swell with vampire progeny at an exponential rate.

What to say if people don't get it: "You must be Team Jacob."

An Avenger:

With Zach Snyder's "Man of Steel" looming off in 2013, you still have time to prefect your Superman costume (hint: Invest in hair product and sparklers). But this year, there's a pu-pu platter of newly recruited S.H.I.E.L.D heroes to choose from.

What you need: Depends on if you plan on being Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury, Loki, Hawkeye, Black Widow or The Hulk. Let your inner nerd run free and ask yourself: What Would Joss Whedon Do? (WWJWD)

What to say if people don't get it: "You listen to a lot of NPR, don't you?"

Any one of the Countless Bald Guys from "Fast Five":

Scoff all you want, but "Fast Five" is still one of the best movies we've seen this year and it gives the follically challenged an opportunity to dress up as something more bad ass than Daddy Warbucks.

What you need: Your tightest t-shirt sans sleeves, a quickie cycle of 'roids, a spray bottle of baby oil and water for a Brazilian sheen, and, if you're going as The Rock, add a goatee; if you want to go as Tyrese, grow out a little 'stache and chin stubble, if you'd like to pay homage to Vin Diesel, just go clean shaven.

What to say if people don't get it: Growl, "Big mistake," and then punch them in the face.

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