“The Bachelor” – Reality Television So Bad You Have to Watch

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My official excuse for watching "The Bachelor" is that we professionals must keep tabs on what the masses are watching, but just between us, it's become a guilty pleasure.

Monday's finale promises to be a doozy after last night's "The "Women Tell All" special. After all, that setup formula is the main reason why this franchise has managed to find its footing again after being left for dead.

"The Bachelor" is alive, well and eating its own.

Bringing all the dismissed contestants to discuss why they looked so stupid on camera all season was mesmerizing. Booted beauty Rozlyn Papa was the highlight as she defiantly denied she had an affair with the show's producer, a firing offense for both parties on a show where only The Chosen One gets to pick from the herd.

Papa didn't just deny, she went after host Chris Harrison, who clearly prides himself on his stand-up guy aura. She accused him of hitting on the producer's wife while on a trip to New Zealand. Harrison coolly said he wouldn't dignify the charge with a response, but you have to hand it to the show's producers for letting us cringe along on our couches.

This might have been the season's unofficial climax, but there's still more "Bachelor" viewing with the finale on Monday. I'll be watching.

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