Terror Suspect Tied Up by Fellow Syrian in Germany: Report

A fellow Syrian reportedly called police after hearing about the manhunt

A 22-year-old terror suspect from Syria was nabbed after a nearly two-day manhunt in Germany after being found tied up by a fellow countryman, according to reports.

Jaber Albakr, 22, vanished Saturday morning as police moved in on an apartment in Chemnitz, where they found "several hundred grams of highly explosive materials," NBC News reported.

Germany's Spiegel Online reported that Albakr had approached another Syrian national at Leipzig train station on Sunday and asked him whether he could stay at his home for the night. The man later called police after hearing about the manhunt, Spiegel Online quoted police sources as saying.

Officials were trying to determine the target of the thwarted bomb plot, The Associated Press reported.

Albakr had entered the country last year as an asylum seeker. 

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