Taco Bell Okays Teen's Request for Custom Speedo

Taco Bell rewards a loyal customer for thinking outside the bun.

One loyal Taco Bell customer took its slogan "Think Outside the Bun" to another level.

High school swimmer Ryan Klarner took to Taco Bell's Facebook page for an unusal request that went viral after the fast food chain responded to his post.

“Where do I go after a long days workout? Taco Bell of course, i eat at Taco Bell at least 5-7 times a week,” Klarner wrote on Facebook. “So, what i am asking is this, is there any way you guys could make me a customized Speedo that says think outside the buns on the back of it?”

Klarner said he came up with the idea a few years ago and decided to make the request last month.

“I did not expect it to blow up as much as it has. I didn’t really expect to get the Speedo out of it, either,” he told NBC's "Today" show.

But Taco Bell's social media team responded two weeks later, on Jan. 2, with a comment that read "What size do you wear? And what is your address?"

Taco Bell, a division of Yum! Brands, frequently engages with its 9.5 million Facebook fans by responding to complaints and praise, but a request for a customized Speedo took its social media team by surprise, said Tressie Lieberman, director of digital and social engagement.

“He really wanted something and he went after it,” Lieberman said. "When we think people are really extraordinary... then we want to reward them.”

Klarner will be getting two Speedos. One with the fast-food chain's old slogan "Think Outside the Bun" and one with the new tagline "Live Mas."

Taco Bell can add this gesture to its list of social media wins. A recent survey showed that 18 of the 100 most popular Facebook posts by fast-food chains is credited to Taco Bell.

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