Stranded Calif. Woman Gives Birth in National Park, Rescued 3 Days Later

Amber Pangborn lived off of just four apples and some water.

An Oroville, California, woman who gave birth while stranded in a forest, survived on apples and water for three days before being rescued with her newborn daughter.

When Amber Pangborn, 35, began having contractions while driving in South Oroville, she decided to take the back roads to her parents' home for help. But as the traveled down French Creek Road in the Plumes National Forest, her car ran out of gas and she lost cell phone service, NBC affiliate KCRA reported. Then, she gave birth.

For the next three days, Pangborn survived off of just four apples and some water as she tried to seek help while protecting her daughter, Marissa.

At one point, they were attacked by bees and mosquitoes.

“They [the bees] were trying to get the placenta, and I was not letting them sting her, and I got stung trying to keep them away from the baby, but they wanted the placenta," Pangborn said.

Mother and child were rescued after Pangborn set a signal fire on Saturday that eventually burned out of control and caught the attention of a U.S. Forestry fire protection system.

“I think Mommy just started a forest fire,” Pangborn recalled telling her daughter.

The two were discovered by a California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection helicopter and saved by a rescue team from the Forestry Department. Pangborn and her daughter were admitted to a local hospital later that day. Marissa was transported to UC Davis Medical Center on Sunday for further evaluation. 

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