Steve Carell Says He's Given Enough at “The Office”

It could be one more and done for Steve Carell's prosperous career as Michael Scott on NBC's "The Office."

Carell sounded very much like a man about to step away from the show after its upcoming seventh season in an interview with the BBC to promote his movie "Date Night."

Carell told the interviewer that his contract would run "through the next season" -- season 7  -- and that he was due onset to start shooting in August.

But when asked if he would stay after that, Carell paused and said, "I don't think so. I think that will probably be my last year."

Shockingly the interviewer moved onto other topics after the minor bombshell. So we don't know much more than that. Perhaps its a little negotiating move on Carell's part or maybe sincere.

I'm buying sincere. After all, Carell is a major star with a choice of projects. And "The Office," while great, is showing some stretch marks. It just seems like a good time. So sounds like a good reason to say farewell while still on top of the game.

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