Stephen King’s “The Stand” Finally Becoming a Feature Film


It's a good time to be a Stephen King fan.

"The Stand," King's post-apocalyptic tome about a killer virus that wipes out more than 99% of the world's population, is headed for the silver screen, reports Heat Vision.

The movie is being made by CBS Films in conjunction with Warner Bros. Given CBS' track record--"The Back-Up Plan," "Extraordinary Measure"--we're tempering our enthusiasm, no matter how much we enjoyed reading the novel some 20 years ago.

Among the challenges they'll face is deciding whether to tackle the whole thing in one film (a near impossibility), or to do it as a franchise. Guess which choice they'll go with.

But even if you do cut it into three films, the number of characters and the scope of the story are just massive.

Stickier still is the news that a big-screen adaptation of "The Dark Tower," from our friends at Universal, is gaining momentum. The two stories share a great deal, like the villain Randall Flagg, and it would be nice if the folks behind these two films were working in concert rather that muddying things with conflicting visions.

Oh well.. both films are sure to be better than that garbage mini-series of "The Stand" ABC cranked out years ago.

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