Star Wars

‘Star Wars' Actor Mark Hamill Strikes Back at Fake Autograph Industry

The growing market for fake autographs has enraged Hamill so much that he spends much of his free time on Twitter, authenticating his signature for fans

One of the most recognizable stars from the big screen will make a rare appearance before news cameras on Tuesday to talk about a crime that is costing his fans big money. Mark Hamill, known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the "Star Wars" film series, sat down with the NBC4 I-Team at his Malibu home to give an inside look at who is profiting off his fame, before the announcement.

After watching Hamill take on the Dark Side in four blockbuster sequels and prequels, fans are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for his autograph. Hamill says there's just one problem: many of the autographed memorabilia pieces on the market do not bear his real signature, leaving fans with worthless fakes.

"I've heard a couple of stories that just break your heart because there's no way to compensate them," Hamill told NBC4. "A couple of people I've actually sought out and sent real autographs after hearing how extreme their circumstances were."

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