‘Saturday Night Live': Steve Martin Plays Roger Stone, Meek Mill Performs

Steve Martin returned to 'SNL' to play Roger Stone, while Scottish actor James McAvoy hosted

In a week that saw an end to the longest government shutdown in US history and the arrest of yet another Trump ally, the cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ had a lot to work with.

On their version of Fox News show 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', Steve Martin made a cameo as an embattled Roger Stone, wildly defending himself and laughing off the severity of his alleged crimes. Stone, a longtime associate of President Trump, was arrested this week at his home in Florida on seven charges including making false statements and witness tampering.

Kate McKinnon returned as yet another Trump administration official, this time playing an out-of-touch Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. Ross suggested this week that there was no good reason for furloughed workers affected by the government shutdown to be struggling financially.

Scottish actor James McAvoy hosted the show, admitting during his monologue that being in the same building as Martin made him feel like he had “made it.” McAvoy presented in a traditional Scottish kilt, listing Scottish trivia and pleading not to get him mixed up with Ewan McGregor, another Scottish Hollywood star.

On ‘Weekend Update’, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che broke down the news of the week. Jost examined Trump’s fumbling communication over the border wall, including his assertion that a “wheel is older than a wall.” Che and Jost both took time to express their favorite parts about Stone’s arrest.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was the musical guest, performing 3 songs from his new album ‘Championships’. Fabolous made an appearance for his role in the song ‘Uptown Vibes’.

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