“SNL” Makes Romney “Edgy,” Huntsman Does “Weekend Update”

An in-character Romney and a real-life Huntsman

Think Mitt Romney is boring? Think again: on the latest “Saturday Night Live,” he became “15 to 17 percent more edgy.”

So declared cast member Jason Sudeikis, in character as the Republican presidential candidate during the cold open to Saturday’s episode.

“Tonight Mitt Romney is going to really let loose. Get ready for Mitt Romney Raw & Unleashed!”

“Romney” then unbuttoned his suit jacket.

Real-life Romney, the favorite for the Republican presidential nomination, has watched as various rivals have zoomed to the top of the polls alongside him, then fallen.

So Sudeikis mentioned Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s campaign flubs.

“I’ve planned my own embarrassing mistake,” he said in a bid for attention. “If elected president, my first act would be to repeal Obamahair. Oops, Obamacare. What an embarrassing flub.”

Finally, he put on a leather jacket to show just how edgy he’d become – “Willard Mitt ‘Danger’ Romney, J.D., MBA.”

Romney will receive a critical endorsement from New Hampshire governor Kelly Ayotte on Sunday, but that didn’t stop the real-life Jon Huntsman from making a ploy for the key primary state on Saturday’s program.

Huntsman appeared during the “Weekend Update” segment of the show, making a strong push for January’s New Hampshire primaries. In jest, he passed underhanded compliment after compliment to residents of the Granite State.

It became clear as the bit went on it was more impassioned plea than simple gag for the trailing candidate.

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