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‘SNL': Adam Sandler Returns Adam Sandler Returns After 24 Years, Shawn Mendes Jams

Sandler paid an emotional but funny tribute to former cast member and friend Chris Farley

In a break from recent tradition, "Saturday Night Live" started off the show this week with a cold open that did not touch on recent politics, but instead on recent popular culture. The “Family Feud” game, hosted by Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey, featured teams from both “The Avengers” and “Game of Thrones.”

Adam Sandler, met with raucous applause, returned to "SNL" with a monologue centered around his firing from the show as a cast member in 1995. Sandler performed a trademark song about the firing, and was joined by fellow former cast member Chris Rock, who also sang a verse about his firing as well.

Current cast member Pete Davidson joined the musical, but was quickly told by Sandler that he hasn’t been fired yet, to which Davidson responds “I wasn’t? How’s that even possible?”

Sandler jokes “Be patient, it’s coming soon.”

Michael Che and Colin Jost broke down the recent news in politics on this week’s “Weekend Update.”

Jost reflected on an eventful week that included Attorney General William Barr testifying before congress about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Che explored the possibility of New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio becoming the next President.

Sandler returned with another song, belting out a bittersweet tribute to former cast member Chris Farley, who passed away in 1997. Sandler and Farley were known friends and were fired from “SNL” at the same time.

Canadian singer Shawn Mendes appeared as the musical guest. Check out his performance of “If I Can’t Have You”:

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