Skater Nancy Kerrigan's Brother Gets 30 Months for Dad's Death

Family stood behind him, called death an accident

Two-time Olympic medalists Nancy Kerrigan's brother got a 30-month sentence for assault in a 2010 incident that left his father dead.

Mark Kerrigan, 46, was acquitted of the more serious manslaughter charge for the booz-fueled incident in which he choked his 70-year-old father. Daniel Kerrigan died of heart failure shortly afterward, but his son's defense attorneys said the elder Kerrigan's death was more due to massive blockage of his arteries.

Kerrigan's family, including his famous sister, supported him.

"Any sentence for Mark would only serve to extend an unnecessary situation that already seems as if it has been never-ending," she said.

Nancy Kerrigan won a bronze medal in 1992, and a silver two years later in Lillehammer, Norway. The second-pace medal came after rival Tonya Harding had goons try to knock her out of the competition.

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