“Shield” Creator Launching New Tom Clancy Film Franchise

Shawn Ryan has come a long way since writing the episode "You Only Surprise the One You Love" for "My Two Dads." His next project is to bring one of Tom Clancy's heroes to the silver screen.

Ryan, best known as creator of "The Shield," will be adapting Clancy's 1993 novel "Without Remorse" for the Paramount, reported Vulture. The book follows the exploits of John Kelly, aka John Clark, on his quest for revenge against the Baltimore drug gang that killed his girlfriend. There's no word yet if they'll maintian the novel's Vietnam War Era setting.

Kelly/Clark, who appears in seven other Clancy novels--six of which feature Jack Ryan--has already been played by Willem Dafoe in "Clear and Present Danger" and "Liev Schreiber in "The Sum of All Fears." In "Executive Orders" the Kelly/Clark character jokes, "Get Val Kilmer to play me in the movie," to which a journalist replies, "Too pretty, Nick Cage has a better stare."

Jack Ryan, for his part, in August was rumored to be getting a fourth reboot with Chris Pine taking over the iconic role and "Lost" director Jack Bender helming the picture, but there hasn't been much movement on that front.

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