Shelves Are Empty — When Will They Be Restocked?

If stores cut hours excessively or if hourly employees like shelf stockers or cashiers self-quarantine and don't show up for work, lines could grow, a retail consultant said

Stores are racing to replenish depleted shelves and to calm shoppers anxiously preparing for coronavirus disruptions, but they are having trouble meeting the heightened demand, according to NBC News.

"Hand sanitizer is going to be very difficult to have 100 percent on stock on for some time," Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said at a White House news conference Friday. "We're still replenishing it and shipping it, but as soon as it hits the stores, it's going."

McMillon said a stressed supply chain was responsible for the racks bare of paper products, water and cleaning supplies.

"All the retailers have been working hand in hand with the suppliers to bring that to the markets as fast as we can," he said.

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