Shelter Dog’s Dazzling Dance Moves Go Viral

The Florida animal shelther that posted the video says the dog is "looking for a new partner"

This barker could hit Broadway, the way she dances.

The rescue dog's moves, caught on camera at a central Florida animal shleter, earned her the name Ginger Rogers, star of dance movies like "Top Hat," "Swing Time" and "The Barkleys of Broadway," which co-starred Fred Astaire.

Ginger hops on her hind legs when a shelter worker asks "Whatcha doing?" and sashays from side to side.

The short video, posted by on Orange County Animal Services, has been seen more than 250,000 times. The shuffling pup is up for adoption, or "looking for a new partner," as the shelter's video put it.

Ginger, who's 1 year old, was brought into the Orlando shelter on Monday, according to country records, and tested positive for heartworms.

At least one person has already applied to whisk Ginger out of the shelter, the records say, and staff later posted on Facebook that someone had adopted her.

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